It's your first day working as a receptionist in the city hall of weird Slime Town. Your boss, the mayor, is pretty chill, but, unfortunately, a dated constitutional provision means that if you get ten complaints, you lose your job.

This project is incomplete but you can get a sense of the gameplay.  Update (11/16): the game still needs more fleshing out and tuning, but is largely complete.

Made for Procjam 2018. I originally intended to submit this to another game jam that has a slime theme.

How to Play

Basically, you need to solve each person's problem while doing so in a way that fits their personality. For example, lonely citizens want you to talk to them in addition to solving their problem.


  • A to start the game
  • Up and down arrow keys or W and S (WASD) to move through your options (mapping diagram in case you haven't heard of WASD before)
  • Right arrow key or D to select an option or go to a submenu
  • Left arrow key or A to go back.
  • Q to quit


Development log

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